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Arithmetic Operations Simulation Library

The aim behind Arithmetic Operations Simulation Library is to develop an open source library to simulate heavy arithmetic operations efficiently (using shift, add and subtract arithmetic) in low cost DSP systems, where often these are absent in initial development stages, and sometimes even later.

Another aim is to simulate floating point numbers/arithmetic using integers, and simulation of extended integer arithmetic in a way that it can easily be ported to different architectures.

Currently this library is being developed as a part of utility functions library that also contains string manipulation functions.


Project Coordinator : Sandeep Kumar (EMail)
Developer : Sandeep Kumar

Source Code


20-05-2006 : First sourceforge release (V0.01a).

15-05-2006 : Project checked into Sourceforge CVS, with arithmetic and string-processing libraries separated under arithsim and stringlib sub-directories in utilfuncs package. Division and mod functions now raise a preconfigured signal (currently SIGFPE) on encountering a zero denominator.

After I shared initial project ideas with Mr. Damodar Kulkarni (another visiting faculty at Pune University Computer Science Department), he suggested to include simulation of floating point arithmetic using integers, also in project aims. Further discussion also brought a question - can we simulate extended integer arithmetic efficiently in a way that it can easily be ported to different architectures?

12-05-2006 : Initial (V0.01) Freshmeat announcement of the project. It supported finding first 1/0 bit from left/right (MSB/LSB), multiplication, division and mod operations on two 16-bit unsigned numbers and special case of division by 3, and O(n) ways of finding/counting alphabets in a string.


Brief discussions on logic and programming tricks used in utilfuncs are available here. In case you want to request features, report bugs, submit patches or just share your views on the project, please visit project summary page at SourceForge.net.

Page last updated on May 20, 2006.